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You must complete a series of grueling quests, such as paladin training and looking for the perfect example of a townsperson. to start paladin training, go to the paladin training grounds and talk to the guy standing up.(i forgot his name) and talk about paladin training after skipping g1. you can look up the rest on mabi wiki. (type that in on Google).

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Q: How do you become a paladin in mabinogi?
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Mabinogi how to be a paladin?

To become a Paladin in the beloved Mabinogi you must finish the Generation 2 Mainstream quests. -Edit- Also, you have to be a human. Giants and Elves have different transformations.

How does your dog in mabinogi become paladin?

When you transform as a Paladin with your dog summoned they automatically transform with you. But only certain types of dogs can transform. Look on the premium shop on the Nexon main site to see which ones transform on the description.

How does one become a Paladin on Mabinogi?

You have to finish G2. You gotta keep doing quest until this new quest its like helping someone with finder her earings

You lost your paladin armor in mabinogi how do you get it back?

you cant unless you have done g2 before the patch

Mabinogi can you transform in it?

Yes, in NA Mabinogi, the transformations available are the following, Savage Beast, Falcon, Paladin, and Dark Knight. You can only transform into a Savage Beast if you are a Giant, Dark Knight and Paladin is one of the choices that you have when you are a human(you can't choose both) and Falcon when you are a Elf. In G10 you can transform into a Demi-God.

What is mabi nogi?

Mabinogi is a huge MMORP online computer game where you can create a character for free and do quests and meet new people. Something new is always coming out, and if you want to, you can buy pets to travel with you during the world of Mabinogi. Just recently they released Pioneers of Iria, and you can travel to a new continent, Iria. You can then decide to take the side of the Elves, or the Giants. There's also Player Vs Player option on the game, as well as Paladin vs. Dark Knight. Before, you had to buy service to do the mainstream quests, rebirth, and become a Paladin or Dark Knight, and make a spirit weapon, but now, all of that is completely free. There's always something to do on Mabinogi, and the graphics are amazing. You should really check it out at Just click on Mabinogi, and it will take you to the Mabinogi part of the site.

What is a Holy knight from mabinogi?

A holy knight is a form of paladin, which you get from Generation 2. You achieve holy knight from Spirit of Order ranks 5-2. You are a Paladin from F-A, White Knight from 9-6, and a champion at rank 1.

How does one become a Paladin?

When making a class choice, click paladin.

How do you become An adventure quest paladin?

You have to be a level 5 knight and mage, then go to Paladin Order

How do you become a paddlin in mabinogi?

You need to finish generation 2

How do you become pally on mabinogi?

You have to finish the Generation 2 Mainstream Scenario

How can you become a paladin in aqworldscom?

You have to become a lvl 10 healer and fighter