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First, become a famous, rich and glamorous movie star.

second, move to Hollywood

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Q: How do you become a Hollywood star?
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Why did the bull go to Hollywood?

to become a moovie star

Where can you become a movie star?

Learn how to act.

How do you become an Hollywood Star if you live in the Philippines?

you cant man tough luck

When did Miranda Cosgrove become a star?

when Miranda started is when i met Miranda in Hollywood

How and when did Drew Barrymore become a Hollywood star?

1982- with Steven Spielbergs E.T

How do you become a famous child star?

you can go on the internet and look at local jobs or move to Hollywood and become a extra its really easy .

How did Bella Thorne become a singing star?

she is not a singing star, but by being on a Disney show she was automatically signed to Hollywood Records, which is owned by Disney .

Is jay Sean a Hollywood star?

yes jaysean is a hollywood star

What's the definition of a Hollywood Star?

A Hollywood Star is a star that one can find while walking down Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Engraved upon these stars are names of Hollywood actors. These star were created to honor these people.

How do you become a star like Jesse McCartney?

you have to have a good singing voice and you have to move normally to Hollywood and prove you can sing

Does Nina Dobrev have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

No, Nina Dobrev does not have a star on Hollywood

Does Jenny Rivera have a star in the Hollywood walk of fame?