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anything but magic magic attacks heal them so only use magic when the red goblins are not around

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Q: How do you beat the red goblins on epic war 4?
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How do you unlock epic on epic war 4?

You have to beat all the levels and you MUST see the ending.

How do you unlock the orcs in epic war 2?

beat level 12

How do you unlock other races in epic war 2?

Beat 12 Level

How do you beat the end of hope on epic war 5?

you have to have good health and attack

On epic war 2 how do you unlock the special characters?

beat the last level

How do you beat Cave of Trial 4 in Epic War 3?

you can't without a glich, try going on tyrant baal level, then send all your goblins and the 1st hero to him, sned 8 epic tanks off the screen (click far away) and lighning strike your own base 17 times very quickly, it will flash, and you will be transported to the cave level, it will be very very very very easy.

Are ork and goblin warhammer on the same team?

Yes, they are. Night Goblins are actually sometimes enemies of these factions, Goblins and Orkz are under the faction called green-skins, which is some night goblins and orkz and basic goblins. Also mercenaries can be seen with them such as Giants and trolls seen in Warhammer fantasy. also Night goblins and Goblins have squigs and war spiders.

In runescape what god do cave goblins worship?

They do not worstship any gods.They used to,but the name of the god is forbiddon (or forgotten),usually it is the God of War.The God of War forced the cave goblins to fight,since the god of war didn't had an army.The God of War asked the humans,orcs,dwarfs,almost everyone in runescape.But the goblins are weak,they think there strong however,they keep dying and the cave goblins live underground for thousand of years.

How do you use your skills in epic war 4?

Buy them and upgrade them. They are on the spot where u c the mana. Click on it and set it where u want it 2 go. However, there are exceptions like the epic tower will just sit there until u beat the castle launching arrows and the Phoenix will just run across the screen sending ppl flying and killing ppl. Both r good skillz for goblin madness. Use meteor for black goblinz. It will only KO them if the goblins r in the middle of the shot.

Who is mariana baricco?

She was the first president of Narnia and defeated the goblins in the war of 1512.

What war was talked about in the epic Iliad?

The Trojan War.

What are some other games like epic war or epic war 2?

One is Gem Craft Chapter 0