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Personality: Be an all around great person be kind to your friends be loyal and trustworthy, Carly is always these things.

Fashion: Dress in layers and wear short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts. wear jeans and boots and convers.

Activities: You could start your own web show. make a friend kinda like Sam and Freddie. Try to get good grades.

Most important be original and have fun with your life!

hope this helps

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Q: How do you be like Carly shay?
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Does Carly shay like Justin Bieber?

Carly shay is not a real person. Carly shay is who Miranda cosgrove plays on she dose not.

Does Carly Shay have stardoll?

Yes, it is Carly..Shay

Who is better Alex Russo or Carly Shay?

Alex Russo is better because I like what she wears and her personality. I don't like Carly Shay because she is unreal.

Where does Carly Shay live in Seattle Washington?

Carly shay live in 8 c

Where does Carly Shay's grandfather live?

Carly Shay's Grandfather Lives In Yakima,WA

Is amanad crusgrove Carly shay?

Miranda Cosgrove plays Carly Shay in iCarly.

How do you speak with Carly Shay?

Carly Shay is a fake character! There is no possible way to speak to her. WRONG Carly shay is not just a character, she is a real person like us, but she is an actress and plays a character in Icarly, but it doesn't mean she isn't real so ha.

What is Carly shay schools name?

The name of Carly Shay's school in the show iCarly is Ridgeway

Are Carly Shay and Sam Puckett real or imaginary?

Carly Shay and Sam Puckett are real

What is Carly's shay number?

It is 233-3795 as i found out

Where is Carly Shay's mother?

In Icarly Carly and Spencers mom died(un known) and he rname was Malani Shay

Was Carly given the part to do Carly shay?

well of course she was otherwise she would not be in i Carly