How do you anchor layers in gimp?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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There's a specific command for that under 'layers'.

You can also do it in the layers "toolbox" (wrong term- but the stuff on the right side of the screen)

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Q: How do you anchor layers in gimp?
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When you click the paths tool in gimp what are you creating?

Anchor points.

How do you view your layers in Gimp 2.6.3?

Press control + L to open the Layers window.

How do you get the layers brushes gradients menu in gimp?

Click on windows / dockable dialogs / layers channels paths

How do you delete layers on gimp 2.4.7?

In the "Layers, Channels, etc" window, right click on a layer and click delete.

In gimp you cant show the layers anymore how do you get it back up?

Press Control + L to re-open the Layers window

How do you get the layers window in GIMP?

IF your picture has multiple layers (it may not - jpeg's don't when brought in) it will allow you to determine which layer is being modified by the editor, and to rearrange which layers are on top.

Which image type can preserve layers examples such as JPEG and PNG?

Unfortunately, the only formats that preserve layers in GIMP is .xcf (the default format.) If you're looking to upload an image online, or use the image for anything outside of GIMP, you have to export the file by clicking File>>>Save As>>>(specify format in drop box)

Where are the the dialogs in gimp?

The dialogs in GIMP are windows that contain tools and options that you can use to change your image. All dialogs can be found by going to windows > dockable dialogs. The layers dialog, for example, allows you to view all of the layers in one box and enables you to change the mode and capacity of each layer, along with other options.

Can an GIMP image and its layers be sent so it can be opened by the recipient so that itis workable layer by layer?

can you save as .psd?if you can then do it and send

How do you add layers in GIMP?

You open up the pic and then click the layer button and then click add layer and the layer box will come up.

How do start gimp?

You can start Gimp by going to All Programs and selecting Gimp

Which is newer gimp or Adobe?