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Q: How do you adjust the flush on a Toto toilet?
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Are there others with a Toto toilet MS974224CFG with flush handle failure?

Yes, Me, See

What happens when you flush the toilet in a blackout?

you flush the toilet

Can you increase flush in water saver toilet?

Yes, adjust the fill valve, different ways for different types.

Where could one purchase a TOTO Drake toilet?

One can purchase a TOTO Drake toilet from the official website of TOTO or from websites like Easy Carts, Yahoo! Shopping, Plumbing Supply, Toilet Warehouse and Home Perfect.

What is the best non-clogging good cleaning flush toilet with a high seat for a handicapped person?

Briggs, and crane are my favourite.But, if you like your old toilet, you can get seats that raise the height and can be lifted to allow the little grandson to stand and pee.AnswerKohler class five and Toto G-Max flush toilets.

When did John Harringtoninvent the first flush toilet?

He Invented The First Flush Toilet In 1568.

What happens if you don't flush a toilet?

Well, it depends how many times you don't flush a toilet. If you don't flush it one time, nothing happens. But if you don't flush it for a month or something, and then you finally flush it, it may get clogged with toilet paper.

Will Emily osment go to college to learn how to flush a toilet ow to flush a toilet?


Does a toilet flush counter clockwise in usa?

Yes, a toilet does flush counter clockwise in the USA.

What will happen if you flush your pet rabbit down the toilet?

Don't Flush any kind of animals. You can only flush toilet tissues.

How do you flush your transmission fluid?

Drain it into a toilet and flush it

What is the cost to flush toilet?

$1.34 per flush