How do you Tow a car with another car?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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you need to get a car dolly or something of that sort also you have to have a full size vehical to tow it ex i cant have a chavy s10 towed by another Chevy s10

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Q: How do you Tow a car with another car?
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Can you tow a car behind another car?

theres no other way to tow a car

Is it illegal for one car to tow another car?

With an appropriate tow bar, no.

What is another name for a car puller?

A tow truck.

How do you tow a car from another car?

In most states you must use a tow bar. Check out your local U-haul dealer.

Can you tow a car with another car on Sunday?

Tow car companies are not available on Sundays since Sunday is a rest day for everybody. Unless you will pay extra fee for the towing fee and they will come to you in no time.

Can tow truck drivers tow with car cover on the car?


Can you buy a car without insurance n have it tow?

You can tow a car that does not have insurance.

Can a 1995 Mercury Mystique tow another car on a tow dolly 1400 miles?

That car has a relatively low powered engine, and a history of mechanical problems. I wouldn't risk that journey, and definitely not if it has an automatic transmission..

If my cars is repossessied do they have to tow it or can they drive my car?

they have to tow it

Can you tow a Suzuki Samurai behind another vehicle?

Yes, but you need a two wheel car trailer.

Is it legal for a tow truck driver to tow your car while you're still in the vehicle?

It is illegal for a tow truck to tow your car while someone still present in the vehicle.

What is the cost difference between tow trucks that tow and ones that are flatbeds?

Tow trucks generally hook up to the car with the tow cable and they will pull the car and 2 wheels will ride on the road. A flatbed tow truck will use the tow cable to pull the car up on the bed and let it ride there.