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there is Quarter round molding on the inside holding the glass in place. With a flat blade of some kind carefully pry the molding off. after removing the old glass, clean the old putty or glazing off (again using an old chisel or paint scraper) Then using glazing compound roll up earthworm sized rolls and press against the exterior area where the glass is going. Make sure you have a bead completely around the outside perimeter before inserting the new glass and press it gently but firmly against , and compressing the putty. do the same on the inside after inserting the glass, then very carefully reinstall the old quarter molding after removing the old brads or nails and old putty. This is where most people screw up by getting careless and breaking the new glass when nailing the new or reused molding in place. The glass can be bought, cut to your specifications at most home supply or hardware store. ditto for the glazing compound and anything else you need. Be sure to measure the opening accurately and subtract 1/8 to 1/4 inch for glass size. After everything is fastened in place use a putty knife to scrape off all excess putty. I like to put a small bead of acrylic caulk Where glass meets wood all around, wiping off any excess with a damp cloth. This fills in any small voids in the putty and also gives a nice professional appearance. really simple and easy to do with the main requirement being careful and methodical.

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Q: How do you Replace a window pane on a wooden garage door?
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