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Q: How do magnetic braclets help your health?
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What are sex braclets?

sex braclets mean when they are wearing a color of a braclets and meaning like purple is kiss or sex and red is lap dance

What kind of braclets do emo people wear?

They wear those braclets just like the breast cancer braclets like dat say gold digger &I am a rebel & stuff like dat

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Where can you get free jelly braclets?

You can get braclets from.....

What are the health benefits of magnetic jewelry?

Companies who sell magnetic jewelry claim any number of health benefits, including pain prevention, "balance," and general overall health. Absolutely none of these claims, however, have been proven through scientific trials, and it is considered a pseudoscience.

Is magnetic therapy covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan?

is magnetic healing covered by ohip

Where can you buy animal braclets?

Patently you can

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What are the snap braclets meanings?

Shag Bands !!!!!!

What is the websits were you get miley and Mandy braclets from? :)

Is there any medical benefits for magnetic jewelry?

There are no medical health benefits for wearing magnetic jewelry. The FDA does not recognize magnetic jewelry as a valid treatment for any ailment.