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It's not a rear facing car seat... only forward facing

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Q: How do install the Costco Summit car seat rear facing?
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How do you install a rear facing car seat in a 2002 Nissan pathfinder?

very carefully

Can you install a forward facing car seat in two seat sports car?

If the car is only a 2 seater you can put a FORWARD facing car seat on the passenger side, but I'm not sure about a rear facing car seat.

How do you install a rear facing infant car seat in a 2001 G20 infinite?

I can't provide your answer, but I know who can. Stop by your local police department...they will be glad to help you correctly install your car seat, and protect that "cargo" of yours!

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Where can I buy a rear facing car seat?

One can buy a rear facing car seat from retail stores like Target, Wall Mart, and Super Store. One can also purchase a rear facing car seat from online sites like eBay and Amazon.