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first you need to find out what the states required documents are to get your license for the state you are in . once you have the required items you can find out online where you need to go to apply. submit the application and pay the fees.

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Q: How do i go about getting a general contractor license?
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how long does a general contractor go to school to get his license?

A general contractor goes to school for about four or five years but they could get it done in two years

Where can I go on the internet to apply for a state contractor license? go to site "" and you will get all the information about 'State Contractor License'. When it comes to contractor licensing, each state is different. There is an excellent website that provides links to the licensing information for each state in the US. Check out Contractor's License Reference Site here:

How does one become a heating contractor?

You can become a heating contractor if you go to college and you can also go to a heating and plumbing school for training. The fastest way to become a heating contractor is to go to the heating and plumbing school and get certified with a license.

Where would I go to apply for a contractor license?

You need to apply at your state boards office.

Need help studying for the Contractor License exam. Where do I go?

There are many places you can go in order to take this exam. The best thing to do is to contact your local contractor licensing agency and then take the test.

Can a journeyman electrician work independently?

Yes. He has the required knowledge, skill and ability. All he needs to go to work is the appropriate license for the area in which he wishes to work. This may be a business license, handyman's license or a contractor's license.

I am becoming a contractor, where do I go online to find out about a license?

Contractors are licensed in their own state. Go to you state department of professional licensing and they will guide you as to their requirements.

Do you go to the brides or grooms home town for a license?

You get the marriage license in the town you are getting married in.

Would you hire a highly recommended contractor with no license?

No even though they may be recommended if something were to go wrong with their work you would be at fault.

How would someone that has had two DUI's and a suspended license go about getting their license back?

You need to talk to an attorney. There is a lot of paperwork and getting your license back is worth the expense of an attorney.

What is full form of RMO?

RMO = responsible managing officer You need an RMO in order to obtain a contractor's license. You can either go take classes at a contractor's school or find one. Just make sure they are qualified!

how do i go about getting a business license i dont know what steps to take, and how do i get a patent on my product name?

go to your city hall and they will have the forms you need to get your license