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Ear defenders protect your ears by absorbing the sound and fizzling it out

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Q: How do ear defenders protect your ears?
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What could you use to protect your ears from loud sounds?

Ear defenders could be used to protect your ears!

What is needed to protect your ears from harmful sounds which destroy hearing?

Ear defenders.

Who needs to wear ear defenders?

The people who wear ear defenders are the people who live or work in noisy environments, the Ear defenders protect them from loud noises, For example a builder might wear ear defenders to prtect his ears from the loud noise of the construction site. The noise may damage, His/Her ears.

What protects your ears and how does it protect your ears?

Ear muffs, ear defenders... stuff like that! It blocks out the sound or cold as the energy is absorbed through it.

Why do people were ear defenders?

To protect their ears and hearing from getting damaged by loud noises.

Where do people wear ear defenders?

people wear ear defenders because incase of a high pitch sound the ears defenders absorb the sound and then you don't have an ear infection.

Why do people wear ear defenders?

people wear eardefenders because some peoples ears get really cold and they can get an ear infection that's why people wear ear defenders

How do you protect the ear?

we can protect our ears by using earplugs because it is disgned for your ears.

How do ear defenders protect your ear?

Well, ear defenders absorbs the sound from going to your ear, if you don't wear ear defenders when your working in loud noises your ear can be damage.

How do ear defenders work using a model of energy transfer?

Ear defenders do not transfer the sound waves, instead they absorb them, so as little sound as possible is transferred to the ears

How do ear defenders work using the big idea of energy transfer?

It absorbs sound waves by increasing air resistance reducing the loudness of the waves. The energy is transferred into heat and the person wearing them can hear sounds at a quieter amplitude than the actual sound.

Why do you form ear wax?

To protect your ears.