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Q: How do boys go bathroom standing up?
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How do boys go to the bathroom?

Boys go to the bathroom by standing up and holding their penis.

Can girls go to the bathroom standing up?

Some can do, but it is not an ordinary sight.Most that try will be more messy about doing it than we boys are.There are actually places where women go to the bathroom for a wee standing up, mainly the same as us men.Girls can easily learn this technique, almost as easy as we men/boys learn it.Even if being messy about it the first few times, just do not give up.You will soon master it.Yes. It's kind of difficult to learn, but once a girl has mastered it, she can pee standing up and do everything boys can, including using urinals, writing her name in the snow, and unzipping her fly to pee through it.If you are a girl and you want to go to the bathroom standing up, follow these steps:Pull your trousers and underpants down (you might be able to do it with trousers on and your fly unzipped later, but you almost certainly won't be able to pee that well the first try!), or lift up your skirt and pull your underpants to one side.Stand like a boy does, in front of the toilet. For your first try do it standing just a few inches in front of the toilet; as your aim improves you'll be able to do it standing further back.Lift up the toilet seat, to avoid sprinkling/spraying on it. Boys do this, so you should too.Make a "peace sign" with your dominant hand and stick it down where your pee comes out. Hook your fingers around the folds of skin down there, either side of your urethra (pee hole).Push the skin apart on either side of your urethra to get a clean pathway for your stream to flow, and pull your private area upwards so your pee shoots out forwards rather than going straight down.Have a pee! It should all go into the toilet. Keep an eye on your stream, and be prepared to use your fingers to aim it correctly if you miss.And now you know; both girls and boys can go to the bathroom standing up!

How do women go to the bathroom?

Just like a male does only they sit down. Why do they sit down instead of standing up like a man does?

What do all boys do and no girls do?

pee standing up

Which one is medical recommended pee standing up or sitting down?

in a public bathroom, standing up There is no medical recommendation on this as long as the toilet is clean. If it's not you can squat.

What are the positive things in men and not in women?

well me dont have to have a child and men can use the bathroom standing up

In Bully the video game how do you get Algernon in the girls bathroom before time runs out?

you take him into the boys bathroom on the next floor up directly above.

How do you use the bathroom in sims 2 castaway?

to use the bathroom, go up to a bush, tap it, and select, "use"

When do pitbulls pups go to the bathroom?

Puppies usually need to "go to the bathroom" right after they wake up and anything from 5 to 30 minutes after they ate.

What to do with the pooped pants?

Go to the nearest bathroom and clean up. If there are no bathrooms around, go home and clean up.

What scares the boys sending the boys rushing into the darkness screaming?

Well 1st you have to find out what scares them but sometimes you can use the element of surprise. Like you could catch them in the morning and when the get up to go to the bathroom just jump out at them or chase them or hide in their closet and wait foe them to go to get their cloths or if you see them at school then find them in the hall and jump out at them.

How do you freshen up?

Go to the bathroom Wash your face clean up your face makeup (optional)