How do a male jerk?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Well they take their palm and wrap the fingers around the shaft of the penis. Then proceed to go up and down fast or slow. Depending on what the male likes.

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Q: How do a male jerk?
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What does the song your a jerk mean?

It is basically a female calling a male a jerk, for something he did to disrespect her or make her mad.

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not every male is a superficial, horny, jerk

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Average for who? age? weight? gender? sport? level? training age?College female non-weightlifter: 60-70+ kgCollege female weightlifter: 90+ kgCollege male non-weightlifter: 100+ kgCollege male weightlifter: 150+ kgWith correct technique and coaching, the sky's the limit...

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No,he is not a jerk.

How many times does the song your a jerk say jerk?

The song "your a jerk" by New Boyz says the word jerk 125 times.

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Well,you smile and say "i don't think your one",But if you think he's a jerk its best you tell him.Don't lie in his face and say "your not a jerk" when you think "he is a jerk." But tell him why you think he is a jerk and why he is not a jerk.

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