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Q: How do I stop Google redirect to local site?
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What is a Redirect Loop error and why am I getting one when I try to view answers to my questions on Answers dot com?

A redirect loop is when a website redirects you to a site which then redirects you back to the original site, creating an infinite loop. Browsers should stop redirecting after a certain number of hops and display an error message.

How can I stop this useless site from coming up in response to a Google search?

don't search it or block the site

How do you stop browser redirect - Cached - Similar?

Alt + F4 will stop a lot of browser goings-on.

How do you stop domain redirect?

If you are the owner of the domain, and you bought it from a provider: speak with them, or check your settings, to make sure your domain isn't redirecting to somewhere you don't want it to redirect to.

After deleting all cookies and temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer how do you stop an unscrupulous website from redirecting one of your bookmarked sites?

You can't, but it's not your computer's fault -- it's the fault of the Web site itself. It's being hacked from the outside to redirect automatically all of its users to the "unscrupulous" site. I suggest you stop going to that site. It will eventually notice the error and fix it.

Why did Google stop Google answers?

it probably didnt get popular, or it didnt have enough money to keep the site up. They now have the Help Forms which dose kinda the same thing.

How do you stop webpage to redirect to another webpage you don't want?

You can stop your webpage from redirection to another page. For this you just have to remove the anchor tag.

Where is the stop on google play?

If you want to stop Google Play, you have to quit using the Android version.

Where can I search for dental job listings?

You can search your local paper or somewhere on a job search site, such as Monster. You can also stop by your local dentist office and ask in person for any job openings.

What is the ability of a substance to oppose or slow down electric current?

Insulators typically slow the movement of electrons through an electric current. Bad conductors, such as rubber, can be used to slow, stop, and/or redirect electric current.CommentInsulators do not 'slow down', 'stop', or 'redirect' current! Simply put, insulators don't have enough charge carriers to support conduction.

What Color is our Mascot's Hair?

be more specific, WHAT MASCOT? just look it up on google images, so you can see what color it is.... stop relying on this site for answers and find out yourself.

How do i stop a song on google play?

You can stop a song on Google Play by clicking on the Google Play Music Manager icon. Hit the Advanced tab and click Sign Out.