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Q: How do I recover my health if I hand regular hand practice?
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What is the benefit of hand practice?

hand practice is bad habits hand practice destroy you ______________________________________________________ Hand practice (or menstruation) is harmful to health and is sinful per Islam rules. Refer to question below for details.

Does hand practice effects a teenager boy's health?

yeah XD

How do you improve sperm quality?

just stop hand practice and do regular massage of your penis

Is girl do hand practice?

Girls do hand practice.

What is effect of handpractice on health?

The effects of hand practice on health are quite severe. The arteries on the penis are destroyed which will block the blood circulation in that area and it generally weakness the general health of the reproductive system.

Is it harmfull if hand practice is not done?

no it is not harm full if hand practice is not done . in my thinking it is very good if hand practice is not done .

Is fast break by sexual hand practice?

Sexual hand practice LOL

How one can controls hand practice give any Islamic solution?

How i can contol itself from hand practice

How can you improve left hand piano bass line playing coordination while the right hand is playing the melody?

Practice, practice and more practice.

Side effects of hand practice after marriage?

hand practice is a good for sex no any side effect from hp

Does hand practice have anything to do with confidence level?

no hand practice usually doesn,t have anything to do with a persons confidence level..... but a person who does hand practice regularly or more then that a day feels mental stress.....

Hand practice is harmful or beneficial?

Hand practice? Masturbation? Causing an abrasion is about as bad as it gets. The occasional hand cramp also. Enjoy, you can't wear it out.