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check the serial number.

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Q: How do I check if my AT Cross pen is genuine?
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Where can one buy refills for Cross pens?

Refills for Cross pens can be purchased at stationery stores, office supply stores, or online retailers such as the Cross website or Amazon. Make sure to check the specific model number of your pen to ensure you buy the correct refill.

What do you do if you have a genuine kooky pen?

=it means it is rare and not many of that kooky pen is being made=

Where can Cross pen sets be purchased?

You can purchase Cross pen sets online from stores such as Staples. Alternatively, you can purchase Cross pen sets online from retailers such as Amazon.

Where could one get a pen engraved?

One can get a cross pen set engraved from a variety of different sources. One can order them directly from the Cross site, or they can ask a local engraver to do it.

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What is a cross ink pen used for?

A Cross ink pen is used for the same kinds of things any other ink pen is used for: Write checks, papers, notes, play with the cat.

Where can I buy a Cross ink pen?

You can definitely buy a Cross ink pen at Office Max as well as a Staples store. You can also buy them online.

Is Bill Blass pen made by corss pen?

No, Bill Blass pens are not made by Cross Pen Company. Bill Blass is a fashion designer brand known for clothing and accessories, while Cross Pen Company specializes in pens and writing instruments.

Does the counterfeit pen marks eventually disappear?

No, the marks made by a counterfeit detection pen will not disappear. The pen uses a special type of ink that reacts with the paper to determine if a bill is genuine or counterfeit.

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