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The Soviet Union was afraid of the bettering relations between the US and China. In a nutshell, they were afraid that the US and China would make a coalition that would work against or hurt them.

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The Soviet Union responded to the normalization of relations between China and the United States by having Brehnev invite Nixon to Moscow.

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Q: How did the soivet union respond to the normalization of relations between china and the united states?
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What former actor made an agreement with the leader of the soivet union to reduce the number of weapons each country had?

Ronald Reagan.

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Detente favored negotiation rather than confrontation to solve Cold War issues ~*Ayo Monique*~ :)

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After the collapse of Soviet Union, the main change for Tupolev aircrafts was a reduced volume of production. Other that that, there were many technical innovations that were included in production.

What areas of Europe did the Soivet union occupy after World War 2?

A map is included in the link below referring to the expansion of the Soviet Union post World War II. There is a key provided on the map. A satellite state is a state that is under high influence of the country though not directly controlled by the country itself. For example, Albania was a satellite state of the Soviet Union, however, it was not a part of the Soviet Union.

What happened in operation barbarossa?

The main causes of German failure were the underestimated capabilities of the Soviet Union and the fierce resistance of the Soviet Army, and planning of the war turned out to be faulty from the lack of coherent mutually supporting phased goals, to the hugely inadequate logistical scheme. The grave situation in which the beleaguered German army found itself towards the end of 1941 was due to the increasing strength of the Red Army, compounded by a number of factors which in the short run severely restricted the effectiveness of the German forces. Chief among these were their overstretched deployment, a serious transport crisis affecting supply and movement, extreme weather and the eroded strength of most divisions. The infantry deficit that appeared by 1 September 1941 was never made good. For the rest of the war in the Soviet Union, the Wehrmacht would be short of infantry and support services. Parallels have been drawn with Napoleon's invasion of Russia.

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