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Q: How did the Israeli artist Absalon die in 1993?
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When did Absalon die?

Absalon died on 1201-03-21.

When did Absalon Pederssøn Beyer die?

Absalon Pederssøn Beyer died in 1575.

When did Søren Absalon Larsen die?

Søren Absalon Larsen died on 1957-01-02.

When did Rafael Palacios - artist - die?

Rafael Palacios - artist - died in 1993.

When did Betty Warren - artist - die?

Betty Warren - artist - died in 1993.

When did Carl Morris - artist - die?

Carl Morris - artist - died in 1993.

When did Albert Hoffman - artist - die?

Albert Hoffman - artist - died in 1993.

When did John Ryan - Dublin artist - die?

John Ryan - Dublin artist - died in 1993.

When did Isaac Israeli ben Solomon die?

Isaac Israeli ben Solomon died in 932.

When did David Stern - Israeli politician - die?

David Stern - Israeli politician - died on 2003-02-13.

When did lucian freud the artist die?

This artist is not dead.

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No he did not he