How did ryuga kill doji?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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he took his strength

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Q: How did ryuga kill doji?
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Who is going to win when ryuga battles Julian battles gingka battles kyoya battles doji?

Kyoya will win no doubt kyoya would do anything to beat ginka he owe doji & Ryuga anyway and julian is weak.

Who is Ryuga?

Ryuga is a 15 year old boy, From Beyblade Metal Fusion. He was the VILLAN who worked for Doji. He is the strongest blader, deafeting everyone in sight. He loses for the first time to Ginga Hagane <3.

How do you get the L-Drago fusion wheel in beyblade battle fortress for wii?

You have to beat Doji and Ryuga TEN times on story or free battle (of story)

What are all the beyblade metal fusion characters?

kyoya, gingka, kenta, tsubasa, benkei, ryuga, yu, hyoma, hikaru, madoka, pheonix (ryo), doji, tetsuya, reiji, ryutaro, tobio, dan, reiki, kumasuke, teru, sora, busujima

When was Doji Morita born?

Doji Morita was born on 1952-01-15.

Which is better ryuga or gingka?

well ryuga is better at the moment but gingka keeps getting better GINGKA ROCKS! AND HE IS BETTER THAN RYUGA!

Could damian defeat ryuga?

No he cant ryuga and ldrago dont use their full power in a battle if they did he would defeat anyone and ryuga vs kyoya outcome ryuga kyoya vs damian out come kyoya so if kyoya can defeat damian then ryuga will 100 % take out damian

How do you unlock Ryuga on Beyblade ds?

to unlock ryuga you must finish the story of yu

How old is doji beyblade?

Doji from the Beyblade series is approximately 12 years old.

Did ryuga really die?


Is Ryuga Hideki a real person?

There are many Ryuga Hideki's in this world, but currently, there are no idols that share the same name.

What does ryuga mean in English?

ryu means dragon so ryuga translates most closely to "like a dragon"