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people got effected by the blach plague from the rats and te rats from what they ate

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Q: How did people get infected with the black plague?
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Why didn't blacks get the black plague?

Because they weren't in contact with other people who had the Black Plague, so they weren't infected.

Why is the plague called black plague?

They called it the black death because the plague came from black rats that were infected with the black plague.

How do you get black plague?

From fleas from infected rats.

How do they cure people of the black plague today?

with antibotics if left untreated infected patients die

Why did the bubonic plague spread?

it spread because of rats bitting people after the rats were infected by the black plague how the rats get it i dont remember sorry

Black death what could get infected?

Black Death was a Plague. Humans, animal especially rats could get infected.

How was the black plague transmitted to people?

The black plague was transmitted through the bites of infected fleas. Cities were populated by rats, who were carrying the fleas. Such fleas would bite an infected person before biting another person, thus transmitting the disease.

How did people become infected with the plague?

Bubonic Plague was spread by being bitten by fleas that had bitten infected rats.

What year did the black plague start and how?

The black plague started in 1348 and was caused by flees carried by rats and spread through out Europe, the black plague killed 30-60% of the population. The disease could be caught just by breathing the air around the infected people.

What is the similarities between aids and the black plague?

AIDS and the plague both attack the same site on the cells that they infect. There are studies going on that are showing that people who have a genetic mutation that provides resistance to being infected by the plague also provides resistance to being infected by HIV.

How did the black plague effect people?

the infected flea would jump on to a human and bite them wich would infect the person.

How did the plague come to an end?

Black Death halted because of the precautions. People killed all the rats and burnt belongings of infected.

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