How did kakuzu stay young?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Kakuzu Didn't Stay Young, He's 91.

He Took The Hearts Of The Village Elders Of Takigakure.

Therefore, Allowing Him To Live A Long Life.

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Q: How did kakuzu stay young?
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What is Kakuzu name in Naruto Shipuden?


How old is kakuzu?

Kakuzu is approximately 91 years old.

What Kakuzu Hidan Doujinshi has Kakuzu remembering his past?

no he does not

Who is the uke Hidan or Kakuzu?

Hidan is uke Kakuzu is seme

Is kakuzu stronger than Sasuke?

If you mean Sasuke With Mangekyo Then Kakuzu Is No match for him :P

How did kakuzu die?

Well, Team 7, Naruto, Sai, Sakura, And Yamato Came To Help Fight Kakuzu And Hidan. Kakuzu, However Did Not See Naruto As A Threat, This Changed When Naruto Unveiled His Newly Developed Technique, Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. Then Kakuzu Knew That It Would Be Dangerous If It Had Hit Him. Kakuzu Had Attempted To Crush Naruto, And Did, But It Was A Shadow Clone. Kakuzu Then Was Defeated By What He Called "Kids". Then Kakashi Finished Him Off With The Lightning Cutter. So That's How Kakuzu Was Killed.

What village is kakuzu from?

Kakuzu is from the waterfoul village.

In which episode does Naruto Sai Sakura and Yamoto fight Kakuzu?

Naruto and Yamoto fights Kakuzu in Shippuden episodes 86-88. Sakura and Sai doesn't engage Kakuzu at all.

What does Kakuzu's name mean?

The first kanji in Kakuzu's name (角) stands for kakugyō, the bishop in shogi.

What happens to Kakuzu?

Kakuzu, an Akatsuki, dies. He has 5 hearts. Kakashi destroyed one first using his Raiki jutsu. Hidan, Kakuzu's partner, accidently killed the next one. The 3rd and 4th hearts were perished by Naruto's Rasen-Shuriken jutsu. The 5th was when Kakuzu couldn't move, he lay on the ground, talking to Kakashi who eventually destroyed Kakuzu's last heart.

Does kakuzu have a son?

No, He Doesn't...

What is kakuzus religion?

Kakuzu Is Not Religious. His Partner, Hidan, However Is Religious. Kakuzu Just Concerns Himself With Money.