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Fascism's commitment to nationalism led many Germans to believe that Jews had no place in German society.
The fascist governments of the time did not actively contribute to the Holocaust, though Italy did surrender many of its Jews, it was not proactive in the way that Germany and the Nazis were. You could say that the philosophy of united society and the elimination of those not seen as conforming to that society could contribute. But it would be a mistake to try to align Nazism with fascism.

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Fascism's commitment to nationalism led many Germans to believe that Jews had no place in German society.

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Did the Fascist party kill Jews and communists like the Nazis did?

The term "Fascist Party" is not unique to one country, but is a descriptor of an ideological party that can be found in multiple countries. If we are talking about the Italian Fascist Party, then, yes, they did. While the Italians did not actively contribute to the financial cost and development of the Holocaust, Italy and Italian possessions ghettoized their Jews and later sent them to the Death Camps and imprisoned Communists.

How were the ruling philosophies of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini similar?

Both believed in creating a totalitarian fascist state with a strong military.

Did the US contribute to the death rate of the holocaust?


What did fascism have to do with the holocaust?

Nothing. It is easy to generalise and associate Nazism with Fascism, but the Fascist nations did not play an active role in the Holocaust and arguably Japan did more against the Holocaust than most democracies.

How did facist philosophies contribute to the Holocaust?

The whole philosophy of the fascist regime was they were making a "pure race" and made up the Aryan race theory. First, there is no Aryan race and never has been. It was an Indo-European language, but the Aryan race foundation gave them the excuse to kill 6 million of the 9.3 million Jews in Europe. That is two out three people murdered. Had the fascist won in the 1940's the next thing they would have gone after was the Christian's. Hitler all ready had people rewriting the Bible and was eliminating much of the Old Testament and changing the New Testament to include the Aryan race theory.

What is the relationship between Fascism and Holocaust?

nothing really, you could say that Nazism was supported [in the early years] by the Fascists. But the Fascist states did not support what the Nazis were doing in the Holocaust.

Did the concentration camps contribute the holocaust?

Concentration camps were very common during and before the Holocaust.

Explain the relationship between fascism and the holocaust?

Fascism was the ideology that played a pivotal role in the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic genocide carried out by the Nazis, in which approximately six million Jews were murdered, along with millions of other victims, including Romani people, disabled individuals, and political dissidents. The fascist ideology of the Nazis, characterized by extreme nationalism, authoritarianism, and racial purity, laid the groundwork for the dehumanization, persecution, and ultimately the extermination of targeted groups during the Holocaust.

Who were the axis in war wold 2?

The axis were all the of the fascist party, which consisted of Italy, Germany, Japan, and temporarily Russia, and other smaller country's that neigbored Germany. Hitler was the leader of the Fascist Reich, and was the only explanation for the start of WW2, and the holocaust

What effect did the American government have on the Holocaust and how did America contribute?

The American government had no direct effect on the Holocaust. Obviously, the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies ended the genocide. I wonder if you are mistakenly equating the Holocaust with World War 2.

What country besides America contributed to the holocaust?

American and her other allies (not under occupation) did not contribute to the Holocaust, they were 'Bystanders' - neither victim nor perpetrator. Germany and many of her allies contributed to the Holocaust, either by helping murder Jews, or by deporting them to be murdered.

Fascism and what countries in Europe embrace this political doctorine?

Italy was the first Fascist state in Europe, with Mussolini seizing power in 1922. Hitler's Germany is the most infamous of the fascist states, but along with Italy these powers did not last beyond WWII. Spain and Portugal also fell to Fascism in the 1930's, with the regimes lasting into the 1970s.Additionally, a puppet Fascist state existed in wartime Croatia and in Vichy France, and sympathetic Fascist leaders/individuals were active in perpetrating the Holocaust across Ukraine and the Baltic states.