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It was his nickname at school and it is a synonym for cool and he decided it was a good stage name to have.

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Q: How did dappy from n dubz get his name?
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What is n dubz's real name?

Tulisa = Tula Contostavlos. Dappy = Dino Contostavlos. Fazer = Richard Rawson. N-Dubz is the name of the band and the people in N-Dubz are Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer.

What is the first name of the band n-dubz?


What is dappy full name n-dubz?

Dappy's full name is Dino Contostavlos which is Greek.

What is dappy from n-dubz reall name?

Dappy`s real name is Dino constavalos

Why is dappy called dappy?

its a nickname - his real name's Costadinos <Dino> . DAPPY is just him , his nick name and his n-dubz name :) .

What is the name of the girl in N-Dubz?

The girl out of N-Dubz is called Tulisa, and Fazer's name is Richard and Dappy's name is Dino

What dappy's real name?

Dappy's real name is: Contodinos Contostavlos....I LOVE N-DUBZ X

Does dappy from n-dubz have a brother?

Yes, Dappy from n-dubz's older brother called Spiros.

N dubz real name?

dappy,fazer and tulisa.x:D

What is dappy's really name from n-dubz?

Dino Contostavlos

Dappy's real name out of n-dubz?

Costadinos Contostavlo

What is Dappy from N-Dubz' Girlfriends name?

Kaye Vassell.