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Measures against nobles On his accession to the throne, Ala ud din khilji had to face a number of revolts by the nobles and some of his own relatives. He studied the causes of these revolts and made some reforms to root out these. For example, he took back the land and property, which had been given to the nobles as gifts or religious endowments. he set up an efficient spy system. Afraid of being overheard, no one could move about or talk freely. Severe punishments were given for disloyalty. in this way, the nobles as well as the common man found it difficult to revolt against him. He also checked corruption. The land holders were forbidden to levy extra taxes on the peasants

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Aladdin kept a total check on its Nobel .

Barani says that the spies gave the true picture about the activities of the nobles. Nobles were not to talk aloud . They communicated by signs .

In their own houses night and day they fear of the spies report to the sultan .

The sultan gave order that nobles cannot visit each other s house .

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Q: How did alauddin control the nobles?
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