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It was a threat to the Western Hemisphere

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Q: How did US feel about french control of mexico?
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How did the US feel about French control of Mexico?

It was a threat to the western hemisphere.

How did the US feel about control of Mexico?

The USA, has aways tried to control Mexico, from Pointset, to Pascual, they have always interfere in our business's, but it is actually our fault to let an alien Country to try to control us. l

Who or what kept the US challenging the control of Mexico?

The American Civil War (1861 - 1865) prevented the US Government from challenging the French invasion of Mexico.

What kept the US from challenging the French control of Mexico.?

The American Civil War (1861-1865) qualifies as the main reason preventing the United States from challenging the French control of Mexico.

What or who kept the US from challenging the French control of Mexico?

The American Civil War (1861-1865) prevented any kind of help towards Mexico.

Is it true that the us wanted to gain control over Mexico and central America?

Well, it HAS control over Mexico and Central America, isn't it?

What water feature would provide access for the french and spanish to explore the southern US and Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico

How did the US gain control of Utah territory?

The US gained control of the Utah Territory based on the treaty with Mexico that ended the Mexican War

How did us citizens feel about french revolution?

Having just won the American revolution they were "with" their French brothers.

What regions did Mexico control in 1848?

Most of present-day Mexico and the southern regions of Arizona and New Mexico, which were later acquired by the US on the Gadsden Purchase.

Under what US military command are wars in Mexico or Latin America?

A war in Mexico, Central America, or South America would be under the control of the US Southern Command.

Did California belong to Spain when John Tyler was in office?

NO, NO, NO! Who are you!? It was either controlled by Mexico or the US. Spain mainly controlled S. America and did control Mexico before the US was formed.