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MAYBE because the book was so good they wanted to make a tv show of it:/

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Q: How did Tracy Beaker become a tv show?
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Who played Tracy beaker when she was little?

Dani Harmer played Tracy Beaker when she was younger in the TV show "The Story of Tracy Beaker."

Do people watch Tracy beaker?

The Tracy Beaker books went on to become a television series for five years.

Where can you buy the bag that Tracy Beaker has in Tracy Beaker Returns?

You may be able to find the bag Tracy Beaker carries in "Tracy Beaker Returns" at online retailers that sell TV show memorabilia or through auction websites. Keep in mind that items related to TV shows may become collector's items and could be difficult to find.

What tv sHow is did Jacqueline Wilson make?

The story of Tracy Beaker.

How do you get to meet Tracy beaker?

'Tracy Beaker' is a fictional character who is portrayed in the television series of "The story of Tracy Beaker" by Dani Harmer.

Which book character created by Jacqueline Wilson has now became a well known TV series?

The character Tracy Beaker, created by Jacqueline Wilson, has become a well-known TV series called "The Story of Tracy Beaker." The show has gained popularity and has had several seasons.

How many series's has Tracy beaker done?

The children's TV show, The story of Tracey Beaker has 4 series altogether.

What year did the story of Tracy Beaker come out?

The story of Tracy Beaker was first published in 1991. It was written by Jacqueline Wilson and has since become a popular children's book and television series.

How did dani harmer become famous?

She played Tracy Beaker in "The Story Of Tracy Beaker" on CBBC. It is a children's television series based on a girl in a foster home. It was based on a book by Jacqueline Wilson.

What is the duration of The Story of Tracy Beaker TV series?

The duration of The Story of Tracy Beaker - TV series - is 900.0 seconds.

When was The Story of Tracy Beaker - TV series - created?

The Story of Tracy Beaker - TV series - was created on 2002-07-08.

Will Tracy beaker returns ever be on again?

They may show repeats of the show on TV but I don't think they are filming another series. Instead, they will film a new spin-off show called 'The Dumping Ground' which will be broadcast in 2013. It is unknown if the characters from Tracy Beaker Returns will be in the new show.