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Thomas Edison's inventions changed the world because they worked by electricity and gave us the power we needed to survive and gave us an opportunity to do more.

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Q: How did Thomas Edison's inventions change the world?
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Why did Thomas Edison do all his inventions?

To change the way the world operates or to make his mark in history or to be creative.

How did Pythagoras ideas and inventions change our perspective of light?

how did his inventions change the world

How did thomas Edison change the world?

created over 1000 inventions including the light bulb phonograph (record player) and movie camera

Why was Thomas Edison influenced in our world?

Thomas Edison was a genius. In his time, his inventions of the light bulb, movies with sound, the phonograph were inventions that improved the world of his time. His influence cannot be overstated.

How can you imitate thomas Edison attitude towards doing good deeds?

You can imitate Thomas Edison's attitude towards doing good deeds by prioritizing innovation, perseverance, and giving back to society. Embrace a relentless spirit of creativity and problem-solving in your endeavors, never shying away from challenges. Additionally, seek opportunities to contribute to the greater good and make a positive impact on the world around you through your actions and inventions.

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How did Robert Fulton's inventions change the world?

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What was Thomas Edison impact on society?

He made the world a better place by creating wonderful inventions like the incandescent light and the phonograph. These inventions have led to other inventions aswell.

What were two inventions that helped change the world of communications?

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