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All Plains tribes and many others used a pit-trap to either capture an eagle or to take some of its tail feathers.

The trap consisted of a pit in the ground, away from human activity and large enough for one man to crouch inside. Over the pit would be laid brushwood, grass and sticks, then a piece of fresh meat was laid on top. A rope or leather strap was attached to the meat.

An eagle would see the fresh meat, fly down and land on top of the sticks and brushwood; the warrior then grabbed the eagle's talons before it could fly away, at the same time holding tight to the rope. Pulling the eagle down into the pit was the most dangerous moment - beak and talons could seriously injure a man. He then either captured the bird by holding its wings tight around its body or pulled out some of its tail feathers and released it.

Occasionally the bird was killed, to be stuffed and mounted as a "medicine", or attached to a shield, or used as a headgear.

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Q: How did Sioux Indians capture eagles?
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