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losing control over significant amount of territory apex

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Q: How did Russia's decision to withdraw from World War 1 result?
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How did religion lead China to give up exploration?

It was the emperor of the times decision. He wanted china to withdraw from the outside world. Not sure why though.

Who were Russias allies in World War 2?

The United States and the United Kingdom.

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

Who was Russias's ruler during World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was Russia's ruler during World War II.

When did the us withdraw from World War 2?

we didn't withdraw. we defeated the Nazis and Japanese with the allies

What is russias area?

Russia is around six and a half million square miles. It is the largest country in the world.

Why did monks withdraw from the world?

To concentrate on their religion.

Did Spain withdraw from the new world as a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494?

On the contrary, Spanish influence was felt from southern North America to the tip of South America.

What important decision was made as a result of the alliances formed before world war l?

The German -Austrian alliance was an important decision made as a result of the alliances formed before WWI. This alliance was put into place to protect Germany from Russia.

How can litigation end?

Litigation ends when the court issues a decision, or when the litigants give up and withdraw their suit, or when the entire world is destroyed by a giant meteor collision. Those are the three most usual causes.

When did Australia withdraw from World War 1?

Because the numbers were not there

What important decision was made as a result of the alliances formed before world war i?

A German- Austrian was formed to protect Germany against Russia.

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