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Vladimir Lenin did not die in the Russian Revolution. He survived not only the revolution but also the following Russian civil War, which ended in 1920. Lenin died in 1924 of natural causes after suffering three strokes beginning in 1922.

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Q: How did Lenin die in the Russian Revolution?
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Who inspired the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Lenin inspired the Russian Revolution of 1917.Lenin

What was the condition of the Russian revolution when Lenin died?

The Russian Revolution as well as the Russian Civil War were both concluded successfully by the time Lenin died in 1924.

who are the characters in the Russian revolution?

Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin were the main characters in the Russian Revolution.

Leader of Russian revolution?

Vladimir Lenin

Who supported the Russian Revolution in the critical period?


Who masterminded the Russian Revolution?

That is generally attributed to Lenin.

Who is famous for the Russian revolution Russian revolution?

Three people: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Josef Stalin

Who was the leader of the Russian revolution that overthrew czar Nicholas?

Joseph Stalin lenin

Who were the major figures in the Russian revolution?

Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin.

Who was Lenin and what was his role during the Russian Revolution?

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What Vladimir Lenin's contributions to economics?

starting the Russian Revolution

Who was the Bolshevik's leaders of the Russian Revolution?

The leader of the Bolsheviks in the Russia Revolution was Vladimir Lenin.