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Jane Goodall died because she was protecting the chimpanzee's because there were humans hunting them in the forests and then she got shot.

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Jane Goodall did not die you might have mixed her up with Dian Rossy who was murdered in 1985

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Q: How did Jane Goodall die and when?
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Did Jane Goodall Die and when?

As of my last update, Jane Goodall is alive. She was born on April 3, 1934.

When Jane Goodall die?

She hasn't died yet

What year and date did Jane Goodall die?

Jane Goodall is not dead and speaks at university's regularly!!!you might have mixed Jane up with Dian Rossy who was murdered in was not Dian Rossy it was Dian Fossey that was Murdered she worked with Jane Goodall

How many children does Jane Goodall have?

Jane Goodall had one son.

Did jane goodall die-?

No she did not die. she was 75 on April 3rd

When did Jane Goodall's parents die?

Jane goodall's parents died in 2041 on july 2nd because they were lovers of pie

How did Jane Goodall die from her chimpanzee?

Jane Goodall is still alive. 76 years old, I think.

Is Jane Goodall single?

No, Jane Goodall is not single.

Is Jane Goodall a life scientist?

Jane Goodall is a biologist.

What institute did Jane Goodall start?

The Jane Goodall Institute

When did Jane Goodall have kids?

Jane Goodall had a child in 2300 :)

What is the full name of Jane Goodall?

dame jane goodall