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Q: How did Einstein propose to his second wife?
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Who was Albert Einstein's second wife?

Albert Einstein was married twice in his life. His first wife was Mileva Maric. His second wife was Elsa Einstein.

What was Albert Einstein's Second wife full name?

Elsa Lowenthal Einstein was his second wife.

Did Albert Einstein have kids with his second wife?

Albert Einstein treated his second wife's 2 children as his own.

Who was Einsteins second wife?

Albert Einstein's second wife was his first cousin! Her name was Elsa Lowenthal.

What was Albert Einstein's first wife name?

Mileva and his second wife's is Elsa

Who were Albert Einstein's wife and family?

Elsa was his second wife he had 3 kids mileva,

What is Mrs. Einstein's first name?

If you are referring to Albert Einstein, he was married twice.His first wife's name was Mileva Marić.His second wife's name was Elsa Lowenthal Einstein. She was Mr. Einstein's first cousin.

What year did Albert Einstein's wife die?

Albert Einstein's second wife, Elsa died in 1936. He was married once before that, to Mileva, and was divorced before he married Elsa.

Did Albert Einstein marry his aunt?

Albert Einstein's first wife was Mileva Marić, a Serbian-born physicist he met while they were students. His second wife, Elsa Löwenthal, was a relative, but not an aunt: she was Einstein's first cousin through his mother and also his second cousin through his father.

Did Albert Einstein propose the theory of relativity?


Did Albert Einstein cheat on his wife?

He was apparently in a relationship with his to-be-second wife while still with his first; the relationship lasted around two years, before he divorced his first wife and married the second.

Did albert einstein have a big family?

Albert Einstein did not have a large immediate family. He and his first wife had one daughter before they were married, and two sons after their marriage. Albert Einstein did not have any children with his second wife.