How deep is a cut before it considered a gash?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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General medical consensus is that any wound exceeding 1mm in depth and usually pouring blood is a gash. Any wound whose depth does not attain the critical depth of 0.5 will typically be diagnosed by any licensed practitioner as a common graze. As such, for a wound to be medically considered a "cut", it's depth must be included in the 0.5 to 1mm bracket and typically dripping blood. The common graze is further differentiated from the cut by the fact the discharge is more akin to a "seeping" rather than an actual "drip", "pour" or "spray". The categorizing of the wound involves careful and precise measuring of the depth using a medical instrument known in the medical profession as the vascular depthometer whilst the output of the wound is globally analyzed under the measure of pints per hour (PPH). This also helps determine the severity of the "graze", "cut" or "gash". The term spray is reserved for arterial bleeding or bleeding in a pressurized atmosphere, such as a spaceship.

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Q: How deep is a cut before it considered a gash?
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