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We could add HCl to the mixture of Zinc and Gold and see which one appear to separate first.

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Q: How could you separate gold from a mixture of zinc and gold?
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How do you separate gold from a mixture of gold and zinc?

Since gold binds with zinc, you would have to chemically extract the gold out with aqua regis.

How do separate gold from sodium gold chloride?

You can separate gold from sodium gold chloride by adding zinc powder to the sodium gold chloride and heating the mixture. Then you will be left with just gold.

How do you separate zinc carbonate from a mixture?

Impossible to say without knowing what the mixture is.

How do you separate gold from a zinc-gold mixture?

Gold when put in aqua regia dissolves. Aqua regia is obtained by mixing concentrated nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid.Once the gold is dissolved the metals are participated out by adding salts ( not table salt) to the mixture.

What is the difference between compound zinc chloride and a mixture of zinc and chlorine?

Well i think zinc chloride is a mixture but not sure, if its a compound then you wouldn't be able to separate it into its normal elements (zinc and Hydrochloric Acid)

How could separate zinc chloride from silicon oxide?

Zinc chloride is very soluble in water and silicon dioxide is not soluble. - Put the mixture of ZnCl2 and SiO2 in water - Wait for the dissolving of the ZnCl2 - Separate the two components by filtering

How do you separate iodine and zinc oxide?

A mixture of zinc carbonate and sodium carbonate can be separated by washing with neutral (pH 7) water. The sodium carbonate will dissolve in the water, while the zinc carbonate will remain undissolved.

Is brass a mixture or pure substance?

Brass is a mixture

When zinc metal is mined the rock that contains zinc is dissolved in acid to form a compound Predict what kind of methods could be used to separate the compound?

add electrical currentto separate the zinc from the acid in the compound

Could a mixture be only made up of only elements?

Yes. For example, brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. A mixture of metals is called an alloy.

Which was the first metal to be discovered how was benefit to humans?

It may be either gold, silver or copper (or bronze, a mixture of copper and zinc)

How would you separate a mixture of iron dust and zinc dust?

First you can use a magnet to get out the iron filings. Second you could possibly separate the magnesium sulphate from fine sand and zinc powder by using a filter And finally, Magnesium sulphate dissolves in water while zinc powder is insoluble, so you could use that.