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Q: How could someone stay awake for 30 days?
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How many days can a human being live without sleep?

* It's not a matter of how long someone can live without sleep but a matter of how long can someone stay awake without passing out. Probably not more than two days. * You can find normal people staying awake for three days. You can find exceptional people to stay awake for 30 days. Some extra exceptional people lie awake for more than 20 to 30 years. * The current record is a bit over eighteen days, but this SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED.

How long can a person safely stay awake?

Well if your asking hours I can't answer that. But I've heard that you can stay awake for 11 days. But don't try it you need your sleep

Does Gilgamesh pass the test of stay awake for seven days?

no he does not

What the longest somebody can stay awake?

Two to three days.

How many days can a human stay awake without sleeping?

I personally don't know. But in experiments and stuff people have stayed awake for 12 to 18 days.

What does Utnapishtim tell Gilgamesh he must do foe seven days and nights?

stay awake

When was Stay Awake created?

Stay Awake was created in 1964.

How long it is possible to stay awake?

After 4 days your brain just stops working and you will just pass out. I would not recommend trying to stay awake for long periods as it can really mess you up.

How long can you stay awake before you go insane?

about a day or maybe 2 days ^w^

How should you stay awake all night?

You should not stay a wake all night but if you what to you could drink coffee

What genre is example stay awake?

'Stay Awake' is a mixture of dance/dubstep

When was Stay Wide Awake created?

Stay Wide Awake was created in 2009.