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That would only be possible if the Bering Sea froze over. About 25,000 years ago, or more, there was a land bridge between Russia and Alaska, and many scientists consider that the Native Americans came from Russia to Alaska and the down through North America by means of that land bridge.

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Q: How can you walk to Russia from Alaska?
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Is it possible to fly from the tip of Alaska straight to Russia?

In winter, it would be possible to walk from the tip of Alaska to Russia.

Can you walk to Alaska from Russia?

Actually you can. For most of the year it is true you can't walk to Russia from Alaska, but in winter there is a short period that there is a part of the Bering Strait is frozen over and you could walk across. The only problem is as soon as you step foot on Russian or US land you will be arrested.

Did Alaska own Russia?

No. But Russia owned Alaska.

From what country did US buy Alaska?

Alaska was bought from Russia.

Which country had control of Alaska before the US?

Alaska was originally owned by Russia.

What is the name of the area in Alaska that is 2 miles from Russia?

It is called the Bering Strait, located between the islands of Little Diomede (Alaska) and Big Diomede (Russia). During the wintertime, people can actually walk accross the sea ice between Alaska and Russia, although the Russian Federation and U.S. Borders and Customs doesn't appreciate this happening.

What ocean separate's Russia and Alaska?

The Bering Strait separates Alaska from Russia

What is the states that once belonged to Russia?

Alaska Alaska

Was Alaska's land was once owned by Russia?

yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia. yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia.

How was Alaska land acquired?

it was first with russia (ussr) but then it sold alaska after the cold war to USA .

What country borders alaska?

Canada shares a border with Alaska. In some ways it could be said that Russia also borders Alaska. There are two small islands in the Bering Straight between Alaska and Russia that are only about a mile apart. The name of these islands is Big Diomede and Little Diomede Islands. One of the islands is part of Alaska and belongs to the U.S., the other is part of Siberia and belongs to Russia. At times there is ice connecting the islands and it is possible to walk from one island to the other, thus crossing a border shared and between the U.S. and Russia.

What state in the US lies closer to russia?

Alaska...... good luck to those of you who are doing the crossword puzzle!! :)