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Q: How can you tell if you have a hyperactive libido?
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How can i tell if testosterone has stopped my menstrual period?

Your eagerness or say your libido for sex will fall rapidly.

What is a sentence for hyperactive?

The hyperactive child was very abnormally active. She is very hyperactive when she eats too much sugar.

What is the opposite of hyperactive?

Hyperactive means super active. Hypo active is the opposite.

Why does a woman have no libido?

Women do have a libido!

Does the store hyperactive have a website?

Unfortunately, the store hyperactive does not have a website. But, if you go to links such as, you will be able to see the clothing.

What is a sentence with hyperactive?

My sister's cat is so hyperactive it will jump from wall to wall!

How can you use a sentence with hyperactive?

Hyperactive means more active than normal. Here are some sentences.I swear that dog must be hyperactive!Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can be treated with medication.Hyperactive children can't sit still.

What is the french word for libido?

n. libido, appétit sexuel

When was Libido for the Ugly created?

Libido for the Ugly was created in 1927.

Is libido the same as testosterone?

No, but they are related. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Libido is the sex drive. Increased testosterone in males means an increased libido. Decreased testosterone means a decreased libido.

How can you use hyperactives in a sentence?

You can't. Hyperactive is an adjective and can't be made plural.

When was Libido - Líbido album - created?

Libido - Líbido album - was created in 1996.