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Q: How can you talk while you sleep?
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My mum says I sleep talk and I talk gibberish and don't sound like me at all. What does it mean?

you talk while your sleeping

What does it mean when your dreaming and your laughing while you sleep?

It's sleep talk/laugh. Some people just tend to be really connective while dreaming.

Can you sleep talk in other voices?

Yes you can sleep talk in other voices.

What does a somniloquist do?


Name something you can't do while the dentist is giving you a filling?

talk, move, eat, sleep, sing (family feud)

Do you need help when you sleep talk?

No sleep talking is perfectly fine 30% of people sleep talk but very few know about it

Who do you communicate with a ghost that died in her sleep?

you talk to it in your sleep

How do you say talk in your sleep in French?

parler dans votre sommeil is the translation. This is the translation of talk in your sleep.

What are the release dates for Talk - 2013 Sleep Talk 1-4?

Talk - 2013 Sleep Talk 1-4 was released on: USA: 6 September 2013

A person who talks while asleep?

Sometimes a person is more interesting when they talk in their sleep. This may be the only time to have an intelligent conversation.

How do you talk to people in their sleep?

you can hyptoniyze them to fall asleep then talk

Is it a disease to talk and cry in your sleep?