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Q: How can you stop leaking urine after going to the bathroom?
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How do you stop the carbureter from leaking on a toro 524 snowblower?

it is going to depend on where it is leaking from

replacing bathroom fixtures?

No, you don't have to replace your sink, you just have to replace the fixture's seals. That will stop the water from leaking.

How do you stop dogs from going to the bathroom on your property?

Buy a fence.

How do you stop a dog from going to the bathroom on a rug?

potty train it

What does it mean when your pregnant and can't stop going to the bathroom?

your water is starting to break

How do you stop urine stains on white dogs?

Wash them after they use the bathroom. Simple doggie shampoo or dish soap will turn it white again

Can someone give you something that makes your stool green and stop going to the bathroom?

eat carrots

What pills do you take to stop your penis from leeking?

That depends on what is leaking. It may be precum and masturbation or sex will stop it. May be urine and there is a physical issue or an infection. May be a STD and some antibiotics are called for.

How do you stop gas from leaking into your engine oil?

It depends on why it is leaking.

How do you stop oil leaking?

Most stop leak additives do nothing but empty your wallet. Replace the gasket that is leaking.

How do you stop oil leaking from the primary cover on a 2000 sportster?

how do you stop oil leaking from a 2000 sportster primary cover

How do you make the water stop leaking in the bathroom in virtual family?

To stop a leak in virtual families you drag him/her to the big red tool cabinet in the work room and it will say fixing leaky sink. :)