How can you spread your eyes?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I am not sure what you mean by "spread your eyes." If you mean to move location the answer is no.

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Q: How can you spread your eyes?
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Are crickets and cicadas related?

yes,because they both have spread out eyes.

Are there antibodies in your eye?

well no not exactly, there is an enzyme in the tears of the eyes. so when you blink the liquid is spread by the upper eyelid, it kills the bacteria in the eyes.

How can you prevent the spread?

avoiding touching ur face and eyes and wash ur hands frequently

Can trauma spread shingles to other parts of the body example if you have shingles on your forehead and you got bumped on the site where the shingles occured could they spread to brain eyes or sinuses?

It's not unusual for shingles on the forehead to affect the eyes. The virus spreads through the nerves.

Can cold sores be spread?

Yes; cold sores can be spread. If at all possible, refrain from touching it for 21 days so not to infect the eyes or other places on your body.

How do you make a Mii with 3 eyes?

I have done this many times before. What you do is you select the eyes you want and then spread them apart. Then what you do, is you go to the selection for beards, glasses, ect. Then you click on the mole and put it in between the two eyes. Then adjust it any way you want.

What are the effects of premolar extraction on eyes and brain?

Generally, there are no effects on your eyes and brain. Are you worried about your teeth being close to your eyes/brain? Don't worry - they are actually far away from all of that stuff. If you get a tooth abscess (infection), it can spread to your brain. But that is VERY rare.

Jalapeno juice in eyes?

i did this last night. NO WATER. bad...water spread it to my other eye and my mouth. milk. soak a paper towel in milk and set it on your eyes until you can open your eyes, and get it to drip in the corners of eyes to get it in there. trust me. :)

Can the common cold be spread through contact?

If a person with a cold touches his runny nose or watery eyes, then shakes hands with another person some of the virus is transferred to the uninfected person. If that person then touches his mouth, nose, or eyes, the virus is transferred

How is francisella tularensis spread?

Francisella tularensis is a bacteria that can be spread by aerosol, therefore it is an airborne strain. If most commonly causes tularemia, a disease that attacks skin, eyes, and lungs and is more commonly known as rabbit fever.

Does chlamydia spread in your own body?

Chlamydia can spread from the genitals to higher locations in the reproductive tract. For instance, in a female it can spread from the vagina to the fallopian tubes and pelvis, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. In a male, the infection can spread from the urethra to the epididymis. However, the infection can't spread from your throat to your vagina, or from your eyes to your penis, unless you transmit the bacterium from one location to the other with your hands.

Why does a rainbow show colors from reds to violet?

There's a broad band of wavelengths of light coming from a rainbow. They range from wavelengths that are too short for your eyes to detect, all the way to wavelengths that are too long for your eyes to detect. Within that band of wavelengths is the total band that your eyes can detect, and you see them as a spread out display of all the colors that your eyes and brain can work together to perceive.