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A personal injury can be a physical injury, disease or illness, or a psychological injury or illness. A personal injury could result in death. Examples of personal injuries are: an injury at work. This includes work-related illnesses such as a disease caused by working with asbestos, a psychological illness caused by stress at work, an injury caused in a traffic accident or an injury received as a result of faulty goods or services.

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Q: How can you say that it's under the personal injury state?
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How much is a personal injury case worth?

To calculate how much a personal injury case is worth, you must consider the damages, that is to say what the injuries come to cost monetarily, physically and sometimes mentally.

If you agree to a partial settlement in a personal injury case will you have any say in the final total settlement amount?

yes of course

Can you register a car in one state and live in another per say?

It's "per se", not "per say", and you have to be a resident of the state you register a personal vehicle in.

How can you win a personal injury case?

By having the facts on your side, proving negligence and proving damages.Contact a lawyer, they could give you specific information based on the details of your case.Contacting a specialist solicitor is certainly the best way to win a persona injury claim in the UK. But to win that claim your lawyer must show that someone was at fault for your personal injury and that that fault or negligence actually caused your injury. For each type of personal injury you show fault in different ways. For example see the related link entitled "car accident claim" to see how to show fault in a RTA and see link entitled "accident at work claim" to see how to show negligence in a workplace accident claim.The best thing you can do initially is to say as little as possible about your situation to anyone except law enforcement and your doctor until after you have consulted with a personal injury attorney. They will instruct you about what to say and to whom in order to protect your best chances of winning.

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The notice only has to comply with the requirement of the law of the state by which it was issued.

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How long will a hermit crab live after an injury?

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What is average settlement for knee injury 3 torn ligiments which required surgery accident happened in Detroit MI?

well i would say about 6 times-from personal experience but go and consult a docter just in case!

Injury Coverage Options? The amount of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that you can purchase on your auto policy will likely vary throughout the U.S. from state to state. In some states, personal injury coverage is a requirement while in others, it is optional. Some of the options you can look at include income continuation, loss of services, child-care expenses and funeral costs. The amount of coverage you should consider may also depend on whatever other insurance options that would cover you. This could be through your own personal health provider plan, insurance coverage provided through your employer and even worker's compensation. You need to know how much and what will be provided to you from these plans should you become injured in an accident. Basically, you will want all the coverage you will receive above and beyond any or all of these plans along with the minimal amount of PIP you are required to carry in the state you live. Needless to say, if you opt to get a higher ceiling of coverage for injury protection, you will be paying a higher premium. One of the options that you can consider, if not already mandatory in your state is Bodily Injury Liability (BI). If you have a tendency to drive other people around, bodily injury liability will extend coverage to any passengers who are not covered or have limited liability recovery under your auto policy. Most experts advise that the minimal requirements for BI liability coverage are inadequate for many serious accidents. PIP policies also have basic ceilings on how much will be paid out for medical benefits, disability benefits and death benefits. Taking you current family situation in hand, you may wish to look at a worst case scenario and compare how well your current plans and policy will cover extraneous costs to you and your family. On the other hand, if you are living under a limited budget, you may want to alter the cost of the premium by either choosing to pay a deductible or not. In any event, plan wisely for worst case scenarios so that you do not have to incur extra costs. If your personal circumstances change, then re-visit your current auto injury options accordingly.

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