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You should let professional decontamination companies handle any asbestos that may be found in your home. They may have to take down walls, remove cellings and take out floors, so make sure that you get a company that can rebuild the house after decontamination.

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Q: How can you safely get rid of asbestos underneath tiles?
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How can one get rid of asbestos in the shingles of their home?

NEVER attempt to remove asbestos yourself. It is fine until it is disturbed and so you should always contact a professional to fully remove it safely. Your council should be able to arrange this for you.

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Whitelung is a company that removes asbestos. It depends on the amount of damage as to how much it will cost to remove, but it should be at least $500.

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We are desirous of gutting our 1 floor asbestos-sided home and building up, or tearing it down and starting over, but are paralyzed by fear of the siding. What are our options Expensive?

You best option would be to tear up and start over. You need to get rid of all asbestos first, then start with new materials to avoid future asbestos problems again.