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Q: How can you remove calcium build up from your hair?
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Do you HAVE to remove calcium deposit build up on gums if it doesn't bother you?

Calcium does not build up on gums, you are confusing it with plaque. And yes, you have to remove plaque from your gums, because it allows the growth of bacteria which can be very harmful to your gums.

Why does the body have systems to remove calcium from bones if calcium is to low?

The body has a natural system to remove it, your body automatically excretes a certain amount of calcium so it does not build up.

Does clarifying shampoo help wash out hair color?

Clarifying shampoos remove build up, such as product build up and dirt from the hair.

What is calcium build up on wrist?

What is calcium build up on the wrist

What do you put in your dishwasher to remove the soap and calcium build up?

Use white vinegar in a light cycle.

What causes calcium build up behind the eyes?

can calcium build up be removed from behind the eye

How can you prevent recurring calcium build-up on your inner eye lid?

In order to prevent recurring calcium build up on your inner eyelid it is important to see an ophthalmologist. Chelation agents can be prescribed by eye doctors to patients with this condition. They are applied to the eyes to remove calcium from the tissues and stop it from forming.

Where do you buy calcium for your pool?

You can use mild muriatic acid to remove clacium build up on tiles.

How do you safely take dark dye out of hair?

Options to try to remove dark dye from hair: · Try L'Oreal's Colour Zap · Shampoo with clarifying (designed to remove product build-up or chlorine build-up) shampoo · Shampoo with Head and Shoulders - known to strip colour from hair

How do you remove the water-calcium build-up from glass and tiles in the bathrooms?

I use a spray bottle with vinegar. It isn't the best smelling but works and is cheap. You can also soak your faucet heads/ shower heads in vinegar to take away calcium build up.

How do you cure calcium build up?

how do you cure calicum build-up in shoulders

How can you remove waxy build up from conditioner from your hair?

wash your hair, or try using a different conditioner. Loreal is a good brand to use!