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Your teeth will surely shift ,at least a little, its inevitable, but If you want perfect chompers then you should get braces. At the end of your

treatment they'll give you a retainer to keep your teeth straight for good.

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Q: How can you prevent shifting of teeth after removal of wisdom teeth?
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How do ear piercings affect the removal of wisdom teeth?

there is no effect

Are removal of wisdom teeth covered by OHIP?

yes they do Ontario disability support plan does cover wisdom teeth removal i just got mine removed yesterday i got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and i tell you it hurts so bad

Do I need the best wisdom teeth removal in Bathinda, Punjab?

At Rradiance Dental in Bathinda Punjab, Get the best wisdom teeth removal in Bathinda with Dr. Vibhuti Gopal. Our experienced dentists use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that you get the best care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your wisdom teeth removal.

If you have right side pain after wisdom teeth removal?

yes. it burns

Brown staining on teeth following wisdom teeth extraction?

More than likely, that is just dried blood. Nothing else would cause staining in removal of wisdom teeth.

What makes Oyster Dental the Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment in Thubarahalli?

Oyster Dental in Thubarahalli offers top-notch Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment in Thubarahalli for a pain-free dental experience. Our skilled team of dentists uses advanced techniques to save your natural teeth and restore your oral health. Book your appointment today for a comfortable and effective Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment in Thubarahalli at Oyster Dental.

How do you use sedation in sentese?

He was put under sedation prior to the removal of his wisdom teeth.

How many pounds will you loose with a wisdom teeth removal?

Teeth don't weigh very much. Why would you lose anything?

What is the icd-9 code for impacted wisdom teeth?

D7240 is the CDT code for Full bony impacted wisdom tooth removal.

What is the icd 9 code for impacted wisdom teeth?

D7240 is the CDT code for Full bony impacted wisdom tooth removal.

Can the removal of wisdom teeth cause gaps between the remaining teeth?

Yes, as the teeth can shift in the bone when the wisdom teeth are no longer there to keep them in place. Yes, but in a minimal way. The gaps that can be mostly noticed are in the back area. Rarely front teeth are affected.

How much salt for rinsing wisdom teeth removal?

About a tablespoon dissolved in a small glass of water.