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Don't leave your car on OR wear a mask.

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Q: How can you prevent poisonous gas?
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How would a World War 2 gas mask work?

It had filters to prevent poisonous particles for being breathed in.

Is CO2 poisonous?

no, Co2 is not a poisonous gas

Is Carbon monoxide a poisonous gas.?

Yes, carbon monoxide is a poisonous and very dangerous gas.

Are chlorine iodine and fluorine poisonous gas?

yes,they are poisonous.

What is poisonous gas belief?

Poison gas is any of the various gases with either poisonous or corrosive nature

Is xenon a poisonous gas?


Is carbon monoxide a solid or gas?

Its a poisonous gas

Does Pluto have a poisonous gas?

Poisonous carbon monoxide gas has been found in the atmosphere of the dwarf planet Pluto

What are the kind of poisonous gas?

Poisonous gases....hahahaha....ah shii!

The bluish poisonous gas which is a type of allotrope of oxygen?

The bluish poisonous gas which is a type of allotrope of oxygen is named "ozone".

Was poisonous gas useful?

yes in the one of the wars the could throw a bomb or" poisonous gas" into the trenches of their opponents and kill them.

What are the touted benefits of fluorine?

Fluorine is a poisonous gas. You may be thinking of fluoride, which used as a rinse, added to toothpaste, and added to water supplies, helps prevent cavities.