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well, you have to be a really good actress and you mite be so good that you could get a part in Tracy beaker returns or you could just see them some where and if you live in Kent i would expect you would see a member in the cast because they film in Kent. hope that helps you with you answer

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Q: How can you meet the Tracy beaker returnes cast?
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How do you get to meet Tracy beaker?

'Tracy Beaker' is a fictional character who is portrayed in the television series of "The story of Tracy Beaker" by Dani Harmer.

Was Tracy beaker Jacqueline Wilsons first breakthrough?

it is meet the maggots The Story of Tracy BeakerIt has to be the story of Tracy beaker

Who is Dani Harmer's biggest fan?

dani harmers biggest fan is me im sure all of you think its you but i have tracy beaker returns dvd and the whole collection of the story of tracy beaker hope you meet her one day!

Does Rosie and Poppy Kettle return in Tracy Beaker Returns series 3?

yes,they return when they all meet at the dumping ground but it dosent go well.

What was Jaquline wilsons first book?

Jacqueline Wilson's first book was "Nobody's Perfect," published in 1981.

Can dani harmer really sing?

of course she can she is amazing id love to meet her she is my rolemodel cause im in care and i watch her everytime tracy beaker is on even danis house xxx i love tracy beaker?dani harmer by leanne poultney

Why isn't Liam in Tracy Beaker anymore?

because in the episode "Brothers" (Series 3 episode 4 ) Liam descovers he has a brother and they finally meet and his brother wants to Adopt him.

Where can you meet Carmen and tee in Tracy beaker returns?

I think Mia Mckenna-Bruce lives in Maidstone in Kent but it would be really hard to meet either of them. You could try going where they film but they mmight not wanna talk to fans.

How do you meet dani harmer?

Email her or add her as a friend on facebook, then ask her to meet you somewhere. Or, keep whatching CBBC on channel 70, and find out where they are going. Gowhith them and you should meet her! Good luck, I'm a huge fan too! If she doesn't contact you then go to Newcastle that's where Tracy beaker returns is.

What happened to garry in Tracy beaker?

gary cheats on cam and cam forgives him and asks to meet up with her cause she still wants to be with him but he doest want to be with cam so on the way to meet cam gary accidently dies in a car accident u can watch it somewhere im not sure where though

On how i meet your mother who is the mother?

Tracy McConnell

In mysims what star level do you have to be on to meet Tracy and martin?

Tracy is on 4th star and martin on 4th too.