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Q: How can you make yourself sick?
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When was Make Yourself Sick created?

Make Yourself Sick was created on 2003-09-23.

You dont eat anything during the day and then you binge and have your tea then you make yourself sick and then at the weekend everything you eat you then make yourself sick what does this mean?

Your bulimic.

What happens when you make yourself sick?

you would puke and make yourself EXPLODE according to happy tree friends

Why do you have to throw up?

idk but i know how you can make yourself throw up. Well you can look at something gross or you can make yourself sick.

Cany you make yourself sick by thinking you are sick?

Yes. Your brain is the overall controller of the nervous system of your body. Hence, by thinking you are sick psychologically, it can make you sick, though not necessary as a definite situation. This also means when you are psychologically sick you'll won't feel good.

How can you make yourself sick and no one to hear you doing it?

The acting of making yourself sick, or vomiting, is not a quiet affair, so there is no way to do so without others hearing. If you find yourself wanting to purge after eating, it is best to see a doctor.

What happens if you eat more that you need?

you will probably make yourself sick and might gain a little weight.

How do you put on make-up to make your eyes puffier?

to make your eyes puffy or to make yourself look sick wear pink or light red under and around your eyes. To look even more sick wear a purple under that. Putting yellow arund your face will complete your sick look.

How do people make their self sick?

Put ur finger down ur throut to force yourself to barf

How do you start to become anorexic?

you ethier go on a crash course diet.. or make yourself sick all the time. i do not recommend it.

How do you make yourself feel nauseous?

Well, in order to be nauseous is to get sick first. Eat something bad and maybe that will help.

Will it make you sick?

will the spoiled gumbo make you sick