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do things you really like then chill out and watch your fave movie

if you do something for someone else, you feel good

exercise and sport makes you feel good

1. facet/sink/pool return/ showerhead Okay, for bath facet take your legs and hands and put them on the ground of the bathtub. Face your vagina towards the running water. Stay there until you get the "tingle" feeling. For sink, get into the sink and run, the water up in your vagina. wait until the tingle. The pool return feels great. Face your vagina towards the return, and running water will come out. It feels amazing. Wait until the tingle. If you don't want to get caught doing it, do it the other way, but it dosn't work as well. For the showerhead, turn on the shower and face the water towards your vagina.Wait for the tingle. 2.Fingering. Take your fingers and put them on the clit of the vagina. Start to rub them really fast, and after a while, you get a tingle feeling. If you don't want to get caught, do it in your bed at night with the lights off. Hope this helps! It works for me!

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Q: How can you make yourself feel good?
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What is the best answer for Why you feel you would make a good employee for their company?

to make you feel better of yourself and to feel stronger

How do you make yourself feel good when you have nothing to feel good about yourself?

Remind yourself about the good things you can do.Another answerDo some volunteer work like; bring in an older persons trash cans, ask a neighbor if they need something when you go shopping, bake cookies and take them to a neighbor, friend or family member. This will make you feel good about yourself, honestly.

What are the characteristics of mentally healthy people?

You feel good about yourself You feel good about yourself

Some people say you must feel good about yourself before you able to achieve So do you have to feel good first or is it our accomplishments that make us feel good?


How do you go out with a girl when you feel ugly?

She should make you feel good about yourself, if she doesn't she's not worth your time.

How do you make yourself feel good?

well.. in order to make yourself feel good, since im not sure to which way you are reffering, i will answer both ways. :) health: good excersize, and a healthy diet makes a person feel better. as well as taking your daily vitamins. other ways: sex.

How do you Learn to live for yourself and not seek approval from others?

Learn to believe in yourself. Start small - set a private goal and reach it. Then take a moment to feel good about it. Find the things that make you feel secure and good about yourself.

How do you not be intimidated by a boy?

Feel good about the good things within yourself. If you don't feel good about yourself and are intimidated by boys or a particular boy you need to make improvements for yourself and stop worrying about other people. Just try to keep bettering yourself. Be proud of the positives within you.

How do you make yourself feel like you're being felt?

feel yourself

How does it feel to not hate yourself?

um... good ? When you don't hate yourself, you feel happy and content.

Does a dress code help kids in school with grades?

Yes! Because it make you feel good about yourself and then you want to good grades.

Is it good to feel yourself?

It can be. It's a great stress reliever, and there is no medical harm to it. So medically, sure. It can definitely be good to feel yourself.