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Well on America's Got Talent auditions this will sound gross but this lady drank olive oil but it helped her singing voice

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Q: How can you make your singing voice better?
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Who is better at singing wisin or yandel?

Both are good at singing but the one who is better is Wisin cause he has a soft voice

How to sing good?

There are lots of different ways to make your singing voice better. You will learn how to do these things over time if you take singing lessons. Taking singing lessons is probably the best way.

How do you make your voice sound better?

To make your voice sound better is to practice and make your voice beautiful and try to slightly make it shake. And as your singing, always remember to make it sound pretty cause sometimes you can 'daze' off and your voice can change, (means its not so pretty) so all the time think of this: Make it pretty!Pratice is the key!Hope I helped! :)

Who is better at singing Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana?

they have the same singing voice it is one person.

What type of ingredient makes you better at singing?

confidence in your voice

How much olive oil do you need to drink a day to make your singing voice sound better?

5 Litres a day

How can you make your already good singing voice into an even better one?

Attend a vocal lesson and participate more competition.

How do you get on the voice?

Make a voodoo of you singing and send it to them

Does eating ginger improve singing?

Eating ginger helps keep your voice while singing because it is good for soothing sore throats and such. However, eating ginger does not make your voice any better for singing. The only other way to improve something, including singing, is good old practice.

I can hit all the notes singing I just want to know how to get a better voice?

Practice and try to hit lower and higher pitches then you'll get a better voice for pitch. It is great for a better voice!

Can you sing or have a chance of getting better to be a singer?

While most of the time singing is a natural talent, there are ways of improving your singing voice. There are voice coaches who can provide you with advice and exercises to help improve the sound of your singing.

Who is better kylie or Madonna?

Madonna she's prettier and has a better singing voice and isn't so annoying.